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Piper and Phoenix Diffuser Tips and Tricks

Piper and Phoenix Diffuser Tips and Tricks

This insert is sent with every diffuser ordered :) If you have misplaced it, please reference the tips below:  All Oil EVERYTHING Diffuser Troubleshooting & Tips: Use single oils for the best results. The type of oils used can highly affect the output. Thicker oils or blends tend to clog up quicker. AOE can only support single oils sold by our shop Do NOT tip the diffuser unit sideways or upside down If the water used is too cold, the diffuser may not work right away. Warm water seems to work much better Do NOT use hard water – if...

USB Ultrasonic Diffuser - Setup & Cleaning Guide

DeAnna Gonzalez

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Here are some great tips on how to fill and care for your USB Ultrasonic Diffuser. and an intro to the USB diffuser Please leave me any comments with questions and the like!