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Glasstic - My Favorite Glass Waterbottle!

Glasstic - My Favorite Glass Waterbottle!

Have you found that perfect GLASS water bottle yet? If not, check out my link below for the one I use almost daily! I prefer glass because I like my water clean, cold and refreshing and I know that plastic water bottles tend to break down over time (especially the disposable ones!). I am also a huge advocate for reusing and not adding trash to our landfills PLUSSSSSS you can add essential oils to glass water bottles w out worrying about the oils pulling toxins out of the plastic (this is a big no no for all oil use!) Stainless steel...

USB Ultrasonic Diffuser - Setup & Cleaning Guide

DeAnna Gonzalez

Tags clean, diffuser, how to, usb diffuser

Here are some great tips on how to fill and care for your USB Ultrasonic Diffuser. and an intro to the USB diffuser Please leave me any comments with questions and the like!