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About Us - Living the Dream

All Oil Everything is my Personal Collection of Handmade Essential Oil Products dedicated to supporting a healthy and green lifestyle. I believe in All-Natural, Safe Products, HARD Work and living the life you dream. 

My name is DeAnna and I live in the small waterfront town of Mukilteo, Washington in the Pacific Northwest.  As a Happy Working Wife and Mother to Four Children, I am constantly faced with nasty germs cycling through my home.  Raising four children (my youngest is a 33 weeker; NICU/Children's Hospital guest) has shown me what limited options there are to support my family's health. I have never been one to turn to conventional medicines and most over the counter products aren't suitable for children under the age of two.  Frustrated with not having many chemical-free options for my {sensitive} family,  I quickly discovered & embraced essential oils and their amazing benefits. I've spent the last year educating & empowering myself on proper Essential Oil usage and began creating blends & recipes for my family and friends. I am now able to replace many toxic products around my home while feeling confident knowing exactly what is being absorbed into my children's bodies. My goal is to share my LOVE and knowledge because I am passionate about improving our way of life and sharing what I've learned with others.

Each item in my shop is Hand-Crafted and Made to Order by me during my down time between working a full time job and managing a house of six. My goal is to turn my hobby into my "work" and creating the life I dream.

I say put it in the universe and then you're open for anything. 

If you want to learn how to do what I do, message me to begin your own Oil Journey ❤️

Follow me everywhere on Social Media @AllOilEverything or @AllOilEvery (darn letter restrictions!) 

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