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Product Index and Quick Reference Guide

Please see below for a full catalog of items offered on our website plus short descriptions of each. For more information, click the link to review and order individual items.

Essential Oil Blends

Be Happy - Uplifting

Breathe Easy - Respiratory & Congestion

Bye Felicia - General Bitchiness and Hormone Support

Chill Out - Anti Anxiety and Stress Relief

Clear Skin - Acne and Blemish Spot Treatment

Craving Cutter - Reduce Cravings and Curb Appetite

DG - Natural Fragrance - Ylang Ylang and Orange

Fierce - Natural Fragrance -

Good Night Sleep Tight - Sleep Support and Relaxation

Grounding - Anxiety and Calming

Immunity Boost - Immune Support

Itchy Stick - Itch, Scrapes, Rash

Let's Focus - Concentration and Focus

Little Black Dress - Natural Fragrance

Macho - Natural Men's Fragrance

Muscle Soother - Aches and Pains

Owie Stick - Bumps and Bruises

PNW Pack - 3 Rollers: Chill Out, Breathe Easy and Immunity Boost

Seasonal Support - Allergy and Hay Fever Relief

Sweetheart - Natural Fragrance

Tension Tamer - Headache, Migraine and Tension Relief

Tummy Tamer - Stomachache, Reflux, Indigestion

Mama and Little Essentials

Baby Balm - Diaper and Rash Cream

Baby Chest Rub - Congestion and Respiratory

Baby Mohawk - Hair Wax

Bug Bite Soother - Bug Bite Relief

Bug Spray - Bug Repellent

Calm Down - Calming and Relaxation for Kids

Cool Little - Fever Relief

Oh Baby - Teething and Painful Mouth Sores

Healthy Little - Immune Support

Little Belly - Stomachache, Colic, Constipation, Diarrhea

Little Ears - Ear Infection, Ear Pain Relief

Little Nose - Stuffy, Runny Nose and Congestion

Monster Spray - Sleepy Spray for Kids

New Mama Nausea - Morning Sickness, Car Sickness, Motion Sickness and Nausea

Balms, Salts, Sprays & Serums

Clean Hands - Hand Sanitizer

Cuticle & Nail Cream - Dry Cuticles & Nail Beds

Hair Paste - Hair Wax, Pomade

Good Night Sleep Tight Spray - Sleep, Calming and Linen Spray

Headache Balm - Headache, Migraine, Tension Rub

Refresh Spray - AntiBacterial Cleaner

Royal Flush - Air Freshener/After Restroom Spray


Please contact me with any questions or for custom orders.




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