Hot in Here Essential Oil Blend - Hot Flashes | Menopause | Hormone Oil

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Hot in Here Essential Oil is created for women (and men) who experience occasional "Personal Heat Waves" or overheating. 

These blends were crafted for a couple of different reasons. Battle hot flashes, hormone issues and/or help cool down quickly and effectively.

These cooling oils may help with lowering internal temperatures and external sweatiness due to hormones, weather, exercise, stress and more. Know someone that could benefit from an oil like this? AF and Bye Felicia are also great options for extra hormone relief.

Essential Oils Used:

  • Clary Sage - Known for its uplifting and mood-lightening attributes, clary sage is also widely used by women to soothe monthly discomfort associated with their menstrual cycles. Soothes monthly discomfort associated with menstrual cycles. Helps balance hormones. Soothes nervous tension and lightens mood. Calming and soothing to the skin
  • Peppermint - Peppermint is popular in countless forms, from toothpaste to chewing gum. As an essential oil, it is useful to ease breathing and as a digestive aid. Promotes healthy respiratory function and clear breathing. Alleviates stomach upset. Frequently used in toothpaste and chewing gum for oral health
  • Ylang Ylang- While famed for its exquisite fragrance and long history as a component of perfumes, has much to offer therapeutically. It is an effective mood uplifting agent as well as having calming properties. Helps balance hormones. Promotes healthy skin and hair. Lifts mood while having a calming effect

To use: Apply as needed to Inner Ankles, Abdomen, Back of the neck, Chest and Temples. Applying oils the warm spots (like pulse points) can help calm the body and lower temperature as well. Inner ankles are known to be "linked" to the uterus so applying oils in this area can greatly increase benefits for hormonal balancing.

See also Refresh Spray for another way to cool down!

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