Strength | Grief and Sadness Essential Oil Blend

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Strength | Grief and Sadness Essential Oil Blend
Strength | Grief and Sadness Essential Oil Blend
Strength | Grief and Sadness Essential Oil Blend

An oil for those tougher moments in life. The special oils in this blend can help comfort, soothe and provide some emotional relief. Use during moments of grief, sadness and loss. Can also be used for a boost of strength and encouragement.

Essential Oils Used:

Bergamot - A highly favored oil for its lovely fragrance, Bergamot is unique among citrus oils for its calming properties. Calming and soothing aroma

Clary Sage - Known for its uplifting and mood-lightening attributes. Helps balance hormones. Soothes nervous tension and lightens mood. Calming and soothing to the skin

Lemon - Cleanse and uplift mood. Supports healthy respiratory function. Promotes a positive mood and cognitive ability

Marjoram - Valued for its calming properties and its positive effect on the nervous system. It also supports both healthy cardiovascular and immune systems.

Rosemary - Considered sacred by ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Hebrews, Rosemary has been revered by healers for centuries for its digestive uses and for muscle aches and pains. Helps reduce nervous tension and fatigue

To use: Apply over your heart. Take 3 deep breaths from the bottle. Apply to pulse points and behind the ears, back of the neck and chest for extra support. Use as needed when emotions are high.

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